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MAGNUSCY*, shield of ABDANK, from Magnus or Magnuszów, in Szadkow region. Jan Magnuski 1473 in Sanok acts on behalf of Pobiedziński. Katarzyna, the widow of Marcin Magnuski, sent a foot soldier in 1499 for a Turkish war from her patrimony in Chwalibogowo, in Kailsz region (St. Pr. Pols. Pom. VII. 566). Jan and Jakub Szymanowicz, Stanisław, Wojciech and Jana Klemensiewicz, Andrzej Klimo, Wojciech and Krzywaszcz family, inherited portions of Magnuszów in 1552. Magnuski who inherited part of Kozuby Stare in 1552-1553 in Szadkow region, became a progenitor (ancestor) of Kozubski's Abdanks (Paw.). Anna, wife of Wojciech Mąkoliński 1571 (Gr. Przed. 20 f.150). Barbara, daughter of Jan, wife of Krzysztof Janota Bzowski, became a widow in 1608. Elżbieta, wife of Wawrzyńiec Kamiński 1614, became a widow in 1640.

Jan, called Jan Łozą Magnuski 1630, deputy of starost and town judge in Płock in 1616 - 1630, sold part of Kosaciec to Brzozowski in 1616 (DW. 45 f. 1402; Zap. Lubels. 33 f. 531; Perp. Płoc. 120 f. 439).

Maciej testified in Sieradz in 1634. Stefan, with the (people from) Sieradz region, signed the election of Władysław IV [1632-1648 ed.], and Jan with the same region signed the election of Jan Kazimierz [1648-1668] and was a deputy to the elective diet. (Vol. Leg. IV f. 97).

Jan, born by Anna Podlewska, married to Katarzyna Studzieńska, from Rawa region, had a son Aleksander, cannon of Kujawy and Łowicz region, chanter of Kruszwica region and cannon of Gnieźno 1645, chanter of Gnieźno 1648 and cannon of Kraków 1659, died 1689. Being a "deputat" (commissioner?) for the Lublin Tribunal 1681, sold Arciechów (Kor.; Zap. Lub. 59 f. 741). Feliks, married to Anna Poleska 1666 (Tryb. Lub.). Wojciech 1686 bought Pawłowice and Rostówek from Konstanty Plichta, and in 1691 sold them back (Gr. Łęcz.). Franciszek, chanter of Płock, cannon of Poznań 1687 (Zap. Lub. 63 f. 323).

The election of the King Michał [1669 ed.], with the (people of) Sieradz region signed: Adam, Jan, Marian, Stanisław and Świętosław, and with the (people of) Gostyn region - Aleksander and Jan, "wojski" of Gostyn. The last one had sons: Kazimierz and Aleksander.

Kazimierz, deputy of Gostyń, appointed with others to serve for the primate 1696, "wojski" of Gostyń 1699, was owner of Ostrowa and Wołodrze 1679, entered into a contract with Skarbek 1683. Sejm (diet) 1710 on deputies' request ordered to insure him and Aleksander "in theirs lands"; died 1711 (Gr. Przed. 78 f. 238; DW. 56 f.675; V.L.V f.410 and 415; VI f.98).

Aleksander endowed sum of money to his wife in 1724, and his son, Franciszek, on behalf of himself and his father gave up ("kwitowal") the trial of Wojciech Bardziński in 1727 (Gr. Przed. 84 f. 575; 86 f.78). This Franciszek or the other, land and vehmgericht judge, and deputy of Gostyń, signed with the (people of) Rawa region the election of Leszczyński 1733, died 1740. His son, Franciszek, the squire of Czyżewo, died 1752, buried in Rypin.

The widow of him, Justyna from Rościszewski family, the same year in Rypin married to Bartłomiej Humiecki, Master of the Royal Hunt in Bracław, land regent of Zawkrza (Not. A. Biliński).

Franciszek with his wife Aniela from Iskry family, sued in 1725 by Skarszewski for the exclusion of the execution in Kokorowo (Wol. XI f. 1433). This Franciszek, cup-bearer of Smoleńsk, and Stanisław, cuirass cornet from Wołyn, Michał from Sieradz region, signed the election of Stanisław Leszczyński 1733, and Ludwig - signed the manifesto for August III. Ludwik, appointed as a king's cup-bearer of Inowłodz in 1734, died 1735. Konstancja from Złotnicki family repays the sum of money to Jesuits 1736. Marjanna from Wodziński family endowed the sum of money to Jarnowski 1737. (Gr. Przed. 87 f. 237 and 327). This Marianna became a widow of Aleksander, and next married to Antoni Piniński. Agnieszka was a sister of Aleksander, wife of Stanisław Piniński and next of Jan Gawroński, treasurer of Łęczyca 1700.

Rozalia, wife of Franciszek Kurdwanowski 1743. Justyna, wife of Joachim Kręski 1766. Mikołaj, married to Marjanna Dyakowska, co-heiress of Dyakowiece and Jusypowiece 1753 - 1754. (Zs. Gr. Latyczow.).

Franciszek, Tomasz and Kazimierz, from Sieradz region, Józef Antoni, from Kalisz region and Tomasz from Płock region, the electors of Stanisław August [1764-1795 ed.].

Józef, born from Jadwiga Nagórska, "wojski" of Piotrkow 1754, married to Kunegunda Lubienska in 1751, a daughter of a writer of Sieradz and a voivode of Poznań and a widow since 1768, had a son Franciszek, parish-priest of Zlotniki and Wieruszow, cannon of Chelm, Poznań 1810, Gniezno 1811, parish-priest of Łubieński chapel in Gnieźno 1814, died 1820 (Gr. Piotrk. 1751; M. 272 f. 113; Kor.).

At the same time as this Józef lives another Józef, called constantly as a "wojski" of Piotrkow, the son of Kazimierz and Marjanna Bosieńska or Bocieńska who booked the marriage articles in 1757 with parents of his prospective wife Barbara Górska, a daughter of a cup-bearer of Gostyń and endowed her 7000 floren., with this wife gave up ("kwitowal") her parents from the dowry in 1759, and with her rented Zwola from Lubomirski family. His brother - Franciszek died childless; the daughters though: Justyna, Pniewska from the first marriage, wife of Józef Mrokowski in second marriage, land "podsędkowa?" of Czersk 1797, with her second husband signed the lifelong endowment in 1788, and Marjanna - wife of Teofil Szymanowski, gave up ("kwitowala") her uncle Górski in 1789 and confirmed the agreement of her husband with Krzemieniewski in 1797. (Perp. Czers. 30 f. 436; 40 f.161; 42 f.153; DW. 81 113; 85 f.30; 112 f.404 and 825).

Andrzej, the squire of Kaptury, in Sochaczew region, 1771. Piotr, functionary at the King's court of Wschowa region 1779-1798. Jan in 1781 endowed a sum of money to Szaławska in Wola Piórowa (Gr. Przed. 94 f. 194). Józef with his wife Katarzyna alias Ewa Micińska, sues Jacek Grabianka and gives his debts up ("kwituje") in 1789 (Perp. Czers. 40 f. 174 and 182). Józefa from Modliński family, co-heiress of Krastudy, in Sztum region, in 1793.

Karol, a son of Andrzej and Magdalena Garbowska, a grandson of Maciej and Ewa Zakrzewska, proved his nobility at the town court (or court of the first instance) of Halicz in 1782 (M.D.Was.).

Leon, probably son of Andrzej, married to Zuzanna Milewska, a daughter of the Master of the Royal Hunt of Nowogrod, who (Zuzanna) sold the part of Ossa in Rawicz region to Leszczyński, widow since 1780, left sons: Andrzej - Bernardyn, who died in 1823, and Jan who died in 1822 and whose wife (widow) Józefa from Wyrzykowski family lived in Kowal in 1823 with their juvenile children: Domicella, Rafal and Józefat. This Józefat Franciszek proved his nobility in the Congres Kingdom of Poland in 1843, and his son, born by Tekla Nowicka, Tadeusz Stanisław 1851.

Besides them, Jan proved his nobility in the Congress Kingdom of Poland, a son of Tomasz, the heir of Białogora 1786, in Łęczyca region, 1839.

Antonim a son of Ferdynand, the squire of Parcice and Wincenty from Kalkstein family, the squire of Ptaszkowice, married to Kornelia Raczyńska in 1868, Bolesław, the squire of Parcice, and Władysław Naramic, in Wieluń region, 1905. Mikołaj, the son of Franciszek, the court clerk in Warszawa in 1860.

*Magnuscy in Polish is plural for Magnuski. We would say "The Magnuski's".

This review of "The Magnuski's" was translated from "Boniecki, Adam. Herbarz Polski; wiadomości historyczno-genealogiczne o rodach szlacheckich. [The Polish armorial; historical and genealogical information on noble families]. Warszawa, Gebethner i Wolff, 1899-1914. 16 v. and supplements, coats of arms".

Note from Polish Genealogy and Heraldry by Hoskins:
This work covers familial surnames, letters A through M. Never completed. Restricted to nobility of the prepartitions period, it is one of the best works of its kind. Vols. 14-16 edited by Artur Reiski. Material concluding the study lost in World War II.

Translation by Sławomir Sieminski. Polish Source: Page 250 251 252 (.tif files)
Abdank Coat of Arms courtesy of Marek Jacek Magnuski and Alexander Kurov

It is possible that there are several variations of this family name. According to the Year 2002 PESEL Survey the following distribution of surnames for living persons within Poland existed:


The names Magnowski, Magnucki, Magnutzki, Magnusky, Magnoski or the feminine variants do not appear in any article in Adam Boniecki's Herbarz Polski.

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